Dr Janine Jacques

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Associate Professor
Program Chair, Digital Marketing

10 High Street
Boston, Ma 02115
(978) 273-8469

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Dr. Janine Jacques is an Associate Professor and Program Chair for Digital Marketing at New England College of buiness in Boston. She holds a BA from Boston University, a MBA from Bentley University, a MSCIS from Boston University and a Ph.D from Nova Southeastern University.

Dr. Jacques' research interest has focused on Social Media; more specifically, Media Richness and how the characteristics of the Internet media impacts consumer and donor intentions. Her dissertation research showed a strong correlation between the richness of the Internet media and donor intention and loyalty. This research has evolved to meet the changing role of social media in online fundraising and 'friendraising' for nonprofit organizations. As the social media strategies evolve with new channels and new ways of using older media surface Dr. Jacques shares her expertise with many nonprofits and small businesses.

Dr. Jacques has many years of experience building, promoting and managing innovative business opportunities. In January 2010, she launched a nonprofit organization, Hope4Horses (H4H). The mission is to save young horses from Canadian slaughter houses. In this role, Dr. Jacques actively researches equine slaughter and often is asked to speak at conferences, government hearings, schools and small community groups. She has also written several articles on alternatives to equine slaughter.

Dr. Jacques is also the founder of the Equine Rescue Network (ERN) The Equine Rescue Network allows equine advocates to connect, collaborate and contribute to help at risk horses. Her most recent work is in the area of microchipping. She has launched a nationwide Register and Recovery Microchip tracking database for horses to help reunite "at risk" horses with previous owners.

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